Boots Disposable Breast Pads


Boots Disposable Breast Pads protect against milk leakages and stains, giving you the comfort and freedom to dress in style as a nursing mum. Made from natural plant-based materials, the adhesive tape keeps the breast pads in place when you are on the go. Natural contour shaped for a secure fit, these super-absorbent pads give your skin room to breathe, providing all-day comfort and confidence.

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Weight 600 g


  • Fits all breast sizes
  • Discreet, naturally contoured shape for a good fit
  • Made from natural plant-based materials
  • Soft, absorbent texture for all-day comfort
  • Adhesive backing keeps pad in place even when on the go
  • Oval shaped design for maximum protection from leakage

Weight 40pcs (Single pack)


1st layer: 100% Polylactic acid (PLA)non-woven 2nd layer: 100% FSC cellulose fluff 3rd layer: 85% polybutyrate adipate terephthalat (PBAT)+ 15% Polylactic acid (PLA) film.

Direction for Use

Simply place disposable breast pads inside your bra. Remove adhesive tape, making sure the adhesive side of the breast pad sticks to your bra to keep it in place. Change pad frequently for safe hygiene for you and baby.


Store in a cool, dry place away from dampness and moisture.


Dispose of used breast pad in household waste bin. Do not flush as it can block sewage systems.


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Weight 600 g


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