It All Began With a Dream, and Two Sisters...

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Not Forgetting Our 40ft Container Shop

Our first shop was a hot, rusty but much loved 40ft container on a dusty stretch of road in Aleshinloye market, Ibadan, Nigeria.

A bit tricky getting to the shop among the tomatoes and Ugwu sellers, but our customers came in ones, twos, and came back again.  


We (Bukky and Funke) loved nosing around UK shops looking for that, ‘cotton wool pleat’, the ‘simply adorable terry-back bandana bib’, or that ‘one-off two piece set’ we didn’t know our baby’s wardrobe needed!

Raising babies both in the UK and Nigeria, we soon had families and friends asking us to get them mum and baby goods from George, Tesco, and Matalan.

Soon enough, friends of friends and their next door neighbours started asking too!

And a Lot of Happy Mums, Dads & Babies

Mum and Beyond store was born in 2017. Since then, we have stayed true to our roots and our offer remains simple – to get UK’s finest in maternity, baby and toddler goods to mums and babies in Nigeria.

We have since added Turkey clothes to our stock, simply because our customers love them (plus Turkey is a shorter flight from London Heathrow).

We have come a distance from our first shop at Aleshinloye market, to a quiet but thriving street on Eleyele road, Ibadan (find us on Google here).

Stop by to browse or shop in store – our chairs are comfy, we love a smile, a chat, and we’re always happy to help. 

You can call us on 07031467750 or find us on Instagram/Facebook (@mumandbeyondstores). You can also send us an email (we’d love to hear from you).

We are Mum and Beyond stores –founded by mums, powered by mums, and loved by mums.

Bukky & Funke 🙂

What Our Lovely Customers Think of Us

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